Meet Read

Read King is a sixth generation Texan who was born in Houston in 1969. He was raised in the San Antonio and Houston areas through High School, then attended Texas A&M where he met his wife, Laura, in 1990. They moved to north Texas after graduation and have lived in Denton County since 1998. They have been married 23 years and have six children, ages three to fifteen. As a native Texan with roots that go back to the days of the Republic, Read is fighting for a return to the days when government involvement in our lives was not a daily concern. Read firmly believes that all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit.

Read-and-Laura-KingGovernments are instituted to secure the rights of the people, foremost of which are Life, Liberty, and Property. Read voted in his first Republican Primary in 1988 and attended his first Precinct Convention that night. In 2007, he recognized the need to be active in the political world again, this time for the sake of his own children and their future. Read has been a delegate to every Texas State Republican Convention since and was a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. He has served as a Precinct Chair in the Denton County Republican Party and has attended many Texas State Republican Executive Committee meetings and even several Republican National Committee meetings. Throughout these years Read has tirelessly fought to restore and maintain a bottom-up approach to government, both within the Republican Party and in all levels of public government.

As a former public school teacher who currently home schools his six children, Read believes that government should not interfere in the parent-child relationship. As a Republican who believes in the Rule of Law, he believes that the only good law is one that applies to everyone equally without favoring or excluding particular groups. Having been married for over two decades, Read is a strong supporter of the sanctity of marriage and the family unit. Read has lived in Denton County for over 15 years. He has seen the growth of the region in that time and knows that free market principles produce the best opportunity for further growth.

Read stands dedicated to the preservation of a republican form of government. Whether at home in District 64 or in Austin he will work to represent his constituents, not special interests, paid lobbies, or others who seek to grow government for their own benefit.