Read King Announces Candidacy for Texas HD64

Some have said that Texas is a state of mind, but I think it is more than that. Texas is greatness. Texas is leadership. Texas is the philosophy that every individual has the space and the grandness of soul to accomplish anything they set their mind to do.

Two years ago, I asked for your support and your vote so that my children — our children — could grow up in a Texas that matched that vision. We knew then that it was a task as big as Texas itself. We knew that going up against the establishment political machine with a grassroots campaign would not be easy. We fought with honor and refused to use unsavory tactics that are often used in such endeavors. We came very close!

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity last time afforded me to meet thousands of you and get to know your concerns. I am more convinced than ever that Texans are ready to grasp hold of their dreams and return Texas to that bastion of liberty that the rest of the world still believes we are.

Today I am asking for your support in finishing what we started less than two years ago. I am officially announcing my candidacy for State Representative in House District 64 which encompasses Denton, Corinth, Krum, Lake Dallas, Hickory Creek, and Shady Shores.

I am asking for your support in this race over the coming 9 months. Our Founding Fathers pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor. Please consider donating a bit of each of these if you share my vision for Texas.

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For Liberty,

Read King
Candidate for State Representative, House District 64